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VerBaires offers tuition for small courses and single students, which is ideal for fast learning: a native teacher will be devoted to you and two other students at most.

Types of Courses
Survival: for tavellers who need to learn fast the basics to get arround in Spanish speaking countries.
Beginner: with more emphasis on grammar and functions, this course is designed for beginners or false beginners who want to start learning spanish from the basics and build up their knowledge.
Intermediate: after assessing your previous knowledge of the language, we will build a syllabus to work on your particular needs.
Advanced: for those ones with a good command of the language, very versatile classes, focusing on your area of interest (health, tourism, ensurance, design, etc) and working with newspapers, magazines, audio and video.
Online: Covers all levels. Great for gaining comfidence before travelling to a Spanish speaking country, or to keep updated what you've learned while being here.


Intensive: 4 hours daily. Fast pace learning, ideal for survival course, beginners or those who want to quickly go up one or more levels.
Semi-Intensive: 2 hours daily. All levels. Ideal for those ones who want to do part of the course as self learning.
: 2 to 6 hours weekly. For students who stay in BA for long periods of time. Most fitting if you already speak Spanish.

All our teachers have a college degree in Languages or Linguistics, and have specialised in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. They are all well experienced, patient and fluent in english and some other languages too.  
Students from all nationalities and ages are welcome to learn with us. 
Learning Material
Learning material is developed and printed by the school for each student. This way, it's fit to your needs, as well as completely updated when it comes to general information topics.
Examinations and Certificates
When your course has finished you will receive a certificate stating hours studied, level acquired and a concept mark.
if you want to take an international examination, there are three examinations you can take. Contact us for more info.
Lending Library
So our students can learn much more through exploring our culture, we lend books, CD's and videos of Argentine and Hispanic writers, musicians and films. 
karta Located in a quiet appartment in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, the school offers a relaxed atmosphere for learning, as well as climatised and equipped rooms. 
There is no extra fee for enroling, you just have to pay a week's tuition in advance.
One to One: 12US$ per hour.
Group: 8.5US$ per hour.
Extra for home/business tuition: 1.5US$ per hour.